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Verster, Andrew (1937-)

Andrew Verster - Figures - Colour Etching - 435mm x 350mm
Colour Etching
435 x 350

Andrew Verster - The Golden Light Above You - Etching - 490mm x 330mm
'The Golden Light Above You'
490mm x 330mm

Andrew Verster - Boy - Horse - Etching - 440mm x 350mm
'Boy - Horse'
4 of 10 Etching
440mm x 350mm

Andrew Verster -Identikit - 9 of 10 Etching - 550mm x 480mm
9 of 10 Etching
550mm x 480mm

Andrew Verster -Wall Fragments - Etching - 605mm x 500mm
'Wall Fragments'
605mm x 500mm



Andrew Verster was born in Johannesburg. He studied at the Camberwell School of Art in London. He has participated in numerous exhibitions and has had over 30 solo exhibitions, he has also had numerous public commissions. Verster is a painter of figures, landscapes, still lives and portraits, in oil, pencil and watercolour. He is also graphic artist, producing etchings and combining photography and serigraphs. 

Andrew Verster - It's a long way - etching
'It's a long way'
 490mm x 325mm

Andrew Verster - Interior - watercolour
240mm x 160mm

Andrew Verster - For Glyniss as He Was - Etching - 440mm x 385mm
'For Glyniss as He Was'
440mm x 385mm

Andrew Verster -Things you tell me - 4 of 5 Etching - 570mm x 405mm
'Things You Tell Me'
4 of 5 Etching
570mm x 405mm



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